Doughty Externals


Who Are We?

Hello, I’m Nathan Doughty, owner at Doughty Externals.

With over 15 years experience, I set out five years ago to build a portfolio of work, transforming gardens, driveways and communal areas locally to where I live, in and around Hampshire and West Sussex. The work was undertaken at weekends whilst also doing the same kind of landscape restructuring for other companies as my main job.

Doughty Externals has always been a firm objective of mine and that one day I would be working on the homes of people from all walks of life, homes large or small, who want that garden or driveway that stands out from its surroundings. An area that oozes quality, attention to detail and thoughtful planning. Tailored to your specific requirements, to suit all budgets. An outstanding outdoor space that truly suits you and your family’s needs.

Our aim is to continue to build our business based solely on recommendations from our satisfied clients and by sharing a portfolio of the work we do, so when it comes to that question “Who can I employ to transform my garden or driveway?” we aim to be the name on everyone’s lips.

We provide a personal approach, so with Doughty Externals there is no consultation or design fee and we like to work as closely as we can with our clients to ensure that their vision is fully complied with. Whist we are working for you, you are our sole priority until the works are completed, as will the next customer when we move on to their project.

As previously mentioned we have an extensive construction and landscaping background so we are no one trick pony, we specialise in all types of hard and synthetic landscaping, from natural stone and preformed paving to long lasting synthetic materials such as artificial turf to composite decking. The work we do is of the highest standard, as our testimonials show, so you’ll have total peace of mind that the work undertaken will be in a courteous and thoughtful way and the finished project will provide pleasure for you and your family for years to come.

Creating outdoor spaces that last